But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 6:23

Salvation is a free gift from God.  It is not earned but simply received.  It is received by placing our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and living for the Lord each day.  Placing our faith in Jesus is more than just simply believing in Jesus.  To place our faith in Jesus means that our life is built upon Jesus, we have turned from our sins and turned fully to the Lord.

The only result of living in sin is destruction and death.  Sin is deceptive and it would seem when we are living in sin and pursuing the desires of our sinful nature that we are truly living in freedom.  But we are simply bound by sin and we are enslaved to the devil.  But when our hearts are given to Christ we are set free from the bondage of sin and are no longer enslaved to the devil and this world.  Each day as we abide in the Lord He leads and guides us one step at a time.  It is the Holy Spirit who transforms us from the inside out.  As we study God’s word each day our minds are renewed and as our minds are renewed our lives are transformed.


Proverbs 13:3

He who guards his mouth preserves his life,
But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.  Proverbs 13:3

It is vital that we guard our mouths.  Life and death is found in the power of the tongue.  It is amazing how destructive words can be when spoken with the wrong spirit and the wrong intent.  In all that we do should be done in love and according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  This includes the very words we speak on a daily basis.

We are called to be vessels of God’s glory and representatives of God’s kingdom on this earth.  There is no greater witness to the power and the grace of God than the life we live and the words we speak.  It is impossible to claim to be a intimate follower of Jesus Christ if our words are filled with vulgar and disgusting language.

Walking with Christ intimately will impact every area of our lives.  This includes the very words we speak and the things we talk about.  Our conversation should reflect the character and nature of Christ.  We must remember that when God created all things He spoke it into existence.  It shows you the very power of words spoken.

Words have the power to bring life and they have the power to destroy.  May we do all things for the glory of God.  May our tongues come under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  May we desire to be one God can use on this earth to speak life into the lives of so many and see their lives resurrected for His glory.

If we ask anything according to His will

14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.  1 John 5:14-15.

This passage of scripture is vital for understanding the purpose of prayer.  Prayer is not given unto us to ask whatever we desire.  Prayer is given unto us to accomplish the will of the Father on the earth.  To understand prayer we need to examine how the world and everything around us was created.

When the Lord created all things He did it through His spoken word.  He spoke all things into existence.  We have been created in His image and through Jesus Christ we have the authority and power to call those things which are not into existence.

But we have not been given unchecked authority and we have not been given authority to fulfill selfish desires.  We have been given authority to carry out the Father’s will.  As we grow deeper and more intimately with the Lord our minds and our hearts align with His.  The deepest desires of His heart become ours.

It is in this place that He begins to burden our hearts.  Our hearts are burdened so that we will go boldly to the throne of grace and we will speak forth the things He has placed upon His heart.  When ever the Lord desires to accomplish anything on the earth He simply searches for someone who will commit their life to prayer.

Many times we may look at ourselves and believe  we are insignificant because of our present circumstances.  But what we fail to do is see ourselves as the Lord sees us.  When we walk intimately with the Lord we become a dynamic force on the earth for His kingdom.  As our prayers align with His will the purposes and plans of Heaven are carried out.

We are co-laborers with Christ.  Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we could be free but He has chosen to use mere people to fulfill the will of the kingdom on the earth.  In this hour the Lord desires to accomplish much.  There is a mighty harvest before us and the harvest will come forth through the faithful prayers of God’s people.  It is faithful intercession that paves the road for the gospel to go forth.  It is faithful intercession that prepares and softens hearts to receive the gospel.

In this hour be obedient as the Holy Spirit moves on your heart and reveals to you what direction to pray in.  The Lord is coming soon and the hour grows very short.  Keep pressing in and never give us in the place of prayer.  Pray without ceasing.  The fervent prayer of the righteous availth much.  God bless.

Enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate

“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.

Matthew 7:13-14 NLT

The road to life is narrow and only a few will find it or walk upon it.  When we take time to truly reflect upon this verse we see that those who will spend all eternity in Heaven is much smaller then the number that will spend all eternity separated from God in Hell.  It is a sobering thought and it shows us the importance of each day we have upon this earth as we seek the Lord in the place of prayer and the study of His word.

It is easy to get caught up in the comforts of the world and become distracted.  Lukewarm Christianity is simply the result of people allowing the comforts of this world to replace their pursuit of the Lord.  But each and every day we must diligently pursue the Lord with our whole heart.  There are many who are still to come to the Lord and they are part of the end time harvest.  We who are in Christ who have been prepared by the hand of the Lord are the harvesters of this end time harvest.

Let us diligently seek Him each day praying forth the harvest and praying forth that His word would go forth to the utter ends of the earth.  That the gospel be preached to every heart and that His will be done.  He knows every heart that will choose Him and we who are in Christ were chosen before the foundations of the world.  Chance has nothing to do with whether a person receives Jesus or rejects Him.  It is fully the work of the Holy Spirit and it is something that is determined by the Father.

Let us be wise stewards of the gifts we have been given and be diligent to plant the seeds of God’s word where ever we are given opportunity.  The day and hour grows short and the day of the Lord’s return draws near for His bride.  For the trumpet will sound at a day and hour that many least expect and let us be found prepared.  For the Lord shall come as a thief in the night and those who have faithfully prepared in the place of prayer and the study of God’s word will be found ready.

Narrow is the road that leads to life.  It is not an easy road and it is filled with much difficulty.  But the Lord’s grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.  As we rely upon Him each day asking Him to lead and guide us He will never disappoint.  Let us simply draw near with all of our heart and become a vessel of His glory, power, authority, and love.

Those who control their tongue will have a long life

Those who control their tongue will have a long life;
    opening your mouth can ruin everything.   Proverbs 13:3

Life and death truly is found in the tongue.  The words that we speak carry authority and whether someone chooses to speak life or they choose to speak death it will have an affect over their lives.  Working with young people I often hear them say that they will fail at something or that they will never be able to do anything.  But there is incredible power in our words and many times the things we meditate upon will manifest themselves in the words that we speak.

If our minds and our hearts are focused on things above we will speak forth God’s word in every situation.  When we are faced with a challenge one of the things the enemy constantly tries to get us to do is focus on the mountain in front of us and then begin to pour on feelings of doubt and discouragement.  But when our minds are set upon the word of God and His kingdom it does not matter the size of the mountain, giant, or challenge that stands before us, we will speak the word of God into that situation and the Lord’s will will be done.

We must remember that we serve Him who is from everlasting to everlasting.  He holds all things in His hand and has created all things.  In a single word He could destroy all things and nothing that we face is impossible for Him.  But the reason He places circumstances and trials before us is to teach us to rely upon Him for all things and to teach us to trust His word.

It is a natural tendency for us as people to rely upon our feelings.  But as we mature in Christ we understand that our feelings can indeed deceive us and that the Lord’s word is the only standard we have for truth.  His word is full of promises for our lives, but we must come to spend time in His word reading and studying.  We must meditate upon His word and allow His word to be written upon our hearts.

So today understand that the words you speak from  your mouth carry life and death.  If we are constantly saying that things are impossible and never will happen then that is the reality we are left with.  But one thing I know to be true is that the Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He is unchanging and Jesus Himself said that we would not only do the same things He did, but we would do greater things.  Hold fast to the dream the Lord has given you and bring it before Him in prayer daily.  Speak it forth daily and know that it will come to pass in His due time by His grace and His power.

Remains under God’s angry judgment

36 And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.”  John 3:36

It is incredible to think that salvation is simply by placing our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  But for those who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they have condemned themselves to an eternity separated from the presence of God and will spend all eternity in the lake of fire.  It is a terrifying thought when you really meditate on the fact that an eternity will be spent in torment.  But so many are simply blinded by their own pride in believing that they have no need of a savior.

When our faith is place in Jesus Christ, His blood is applied to our lives and we are declared to have right standing with the Lord.  Because our sins are washed away we are able to enter into God’s kingdom.  The only thing that separates a person from God is the sin in their lives.  When a person dies without placing their faith in Jesus Christ they die with their sin still covering them.  Because of this they are not able to enter into God’s kingdom because God cannot be in the presence of sin.  So it is only by faith in Jesus Christ that we simply come to salvation and are able to simply enter into God’s kingdom.

Many in our culture and time we live in will read this and say it is closed minded and foolish.  But like those who were considered wise in the Apostle Paul’s day according to the wisdom of man, they are foolish in the eyes of the Lord.  The wisdom of the world is foolishness unto the Lord.  Those who prideful refuse to believe there is a God and believe that they are truly in need of a savior will spend all eternity in torment if they refuse to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Hell is a true reality and the extent at which Jesus went to save us should tell us how terrifying it truly is.  If God is willing to send His only begotten Son unto the earth to save all humanity we need to truly understand the gravity of Hell.

Many who stand behind pulpits will never speak about the subject of Hell because they are more concerned with their numbers and the size of their ministry.  But in my own life the only thing I am concerned with is speaking the truth.  It is a true reality that for any person on this earth to die in their sins without receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will spend all eternity separated from God in torment.  As believers in Christ we must intercede daily that the harvest, the elect, and the fullness of the gentiles would come forth.  We are coming to the end of the age and we have been given the wonderful opportunity to live during these times and be part of bringing forth the harvest.  It begins in the place of prayer and the Lord is simply looking for those who will be faithful.