1 John 2:7-11

Beloved, I am not writing a new commandment to you, but an old commandment which you have had from the beginning; the old commandment is the message which you have heard [before from us]. On the other hand, I am writing a new commandment to you, which is true and realized in Christ and in you, because the darkness [of moral blindness] is clearing away and the true Light [the revelation of God in Christ] is already shining. The one who says he is in the Light [in consistent fellowship with Christ] and yet [a]habitually hates (works against) his brother [in Christ] is in the darkness until now. 10 The one who [b]loves and unselfishly seeks the best for his [believing] brother lives in the Light, and in him there is no occasion for stumbling or offense [he does not hurt the cause of Christ or lead others to sin]. 11 But the one who habitually hates (works against) his brother [in Christ] is in [spiritual] darkness and is walking in the darkness, and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.  1 John 2:7-11

John’s message is focused on love.  Whether we examine the Old Covenant or the New Covenant we find that the focus of both is loving the Lord with all our heart and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  When Jesus was challenged by the religious leaders of the day which commandment was greatest, Jesus gave this answer.  Because the law and the prophets can be summed up in simply loving the Lord with all our heart and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

The world is filled with darkness and deception.  The only light and truth we have in this world is Jesus Christ.  The world claims that there are many ways unto God, but this is simply a lie and deception.  Those who embrace the world and its ways and reject Jesus as Lord and Savior will spend an eternity separated from Almighty God.  The only thing that can truly atone for our sin is the precious blood of Jesus.  Our good works will never atone for our sin because it requires the shedding of blood and the only one who ever walked the earth who was perfect was Jesus Christ.

The claim to walk closely with Christ in continued fellowship and truly hate and do wrong to our brother in Christ is not possible.  The only result of walking closely with Jesus is to be filled with His love, grace, and mercy.  The only result of walking closely with Christ is to be led by the Spirit in all things.

Those who are truly filled with the love of Christ are those who truly walk in the light of who Jesus is.  Again it is impossible to live in sin and walked closely with the Lord.  Many who claim to follow Christ but continue to live in sin can only do so because they fail to abide with Him daily and walk closely with Him.  They simply follow at a distance and only view Jesus as a get out of jail free card.  They fail to fully understand the price that Jesus paid at Calvary.

Those who walk in hatred and bitterness toward their brothers and sisters in Christ simply walk in darkness.  They are blinded by the deceptions of Satan and fail to understand who they are in Christ.  We need to set aside every idol and hindrance.  We can not have fellowship with the deeds of darkness.  Light cannot abide with darkness.  We must understand that when we are in Christ we are a new creation and we are called to turn from the things of the past and the world.


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