O God, thou art my God

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

Psalm 63:1 KJV

God is to be our obsession and our desire.  As we draw near we grow in our desire for His presence and His fellowship.  The nearer we grow to God the more we desire Him.  The psalmist speaks of thirsting and longing for thee.  It speaks of a deep desires that begins within the depths of our hearts.  It guards us from merely going through religious exercise.

Jesus has come so that the relationship lost between humanity and God in Eden can be restored.  In coming to faith in Jesus Christ we are able to draw near with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Sin that once separated us from God, no longer remains.  When I go before the Lord seeking forgiveness our sins are forgiven.  They have been nailed to the cross.  The enemy will try to remind us of our past, but we simply need to remind him of his future.  He will burn in the Lake of Fire for all eternity.  Jesus is returning and will one day establish His kingdom upon the earth.  May we draw near and fall in love with Jesus more and more each day.


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