Romans 5:15-17

15 But [j]the free gift is not like the transgression. For if by the transgression of the one the many died, much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, abound to the many. 16 The gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned; for on the one hand the judgment arose from one transgression [k]resulting in condemnation, but on the other hand the free gift arose from many transgressions [l]resulting in justification. 17 For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.  Romans 5:15-17

The results of Adam decision to sin and Jesus decision to go to the cross are drastically different.  Adam’s decision meant the entire human race was bound and enslaved by sin.  Jesus death on a cross meant that anyone who placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ could be free.  Salvation is a gift from God based on His grace and His mercy.  This offer of salvation is open to all and the Lord knocks on the heart of every person.  Those who respond by their own freewill by placing their faith and trust in Jesus Christ become born again.

The actions of Adam brought sin into the human race and because of God’s holiness and righteousness He must deal with sin with judgment.  Those who refuse the precious gift that Jesus purchased at Calvary with His own life await the judgement and wrath of Almighty God.  But Jesus has made a way for people to be saved.  It is through the single death and resurrection of Jesus that all sin for all time was dealt with.  When we come to Christ there is nothing we have done that is greater than what Jesus has done upon and accomplished upon the cross.  Where sin abounds grace abounds even more.  God’s grace is greater than any wickedness that exist within the life of a person.

The result of Adam’s decision to sin brought both physical and spiritual death into the human race.  But in Jesus Christ we find life and we find it abundantly.  We will reign with Him for all eternity and we are called to reign now with Him in life as we face it each and every day.  We are called to be overcomers.  There is nothing we face that is greater than God’s grace or His strength.  Many times Satan will try to overwhelm us with doubt, fear, discouragement, and worry.  But when we understand where they come from and they are simply meant to strengthen us, we see the Lord’s hand in all things.

Often times when we face challenges on a daily basis we grow in our relationship with God.  As we mature we begin to see challenges and trials in the correct light.  God has so designed everything we face in our lives to refine and mature us.  This journey is about transformation and being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.  Having a right understanding of God’s word is essential for transformation in the Lord.  We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.  May we understand the depths of all that Jesus truly accomplished at Calvary and understand in Him we are truly free.


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