Joel 2:23

Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem! Rejoice in the Lord your God! For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come, as well as the rains of spring.

Joel 2:23 NLT

The Lord is faithful.  The rain that is poured out upon the earth is a sign that points to the Lord’s faithfulness.  All things are in His hands and He is in control of all things.  There is nothing that happens on this earth that God doesn’t allow and He has a sovereign will that He is carrying out upon the earth.

When we understand the truth of God’s word and the truth of who He is, we walk in perfect peace because we understand that He is holding our lives in His hands.  He gives us our every breath and nothing happens in our lives by accident.  We will never be lacking because the Lord is always faithful to provide.  But the Lord allows things into our lives to grow our faith because unless our faith is not truly tested it will not grow.


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