Psalm 119:93

I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have given me life. Psalm 119:93

It is the Lord who has given us life. Before we come to Christ we are in bondage and slavery to sin and the devil. Before we come to Christ we are blinded to the control Satan has over our lives and how He simply desires to kill and destroy us. But in Christ we have been forgiven and set free. Our sin no longer remains and the bondage of the devil has been broken. Spending time daily in fellowship with the Lord and the diligent study of His word is what makes walking in the freedom we have a reality. Through Him alone life is found and He has simply called us to abide in Him. Abiding simply means deep intimate fellowship. The same relationship the Lord had with the disciples He desires to have with us.


Author: David Campbell Jr

I love Jesus with my whole heart and simply write as the Holy Spirit leads. I live in upstate NY with my wife and two bulldogs Romo and Luca. We truly serve and awesome God. For speaking engagement you can reach me at Please feel free to connect on Facebook

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