Psalm 118:24: This is the day which the Lord has made

This [day in which God has saved me] is the day which the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

If our faith, hope, and trust is in Jesus Christ than no matter what challenges or trials we face today we know that God is in control.  If God is in control then we know that He will use all things in our lives for our good.  It is very easy to become discouraged based on difficult circumstances that we may be currently facing, but our eyes must remained fixed upon Jesus.

The Lord leads and guides us in all things.  It is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live a life of obedience and holiness.  The key to all things in our relationship with the Lord is simply abiding in Him.  As we abide in Him we will experience the abundant life that Jesus has so promised us.

A decision to follow Jesus Christ is not only a one time decisions, it is a daily decision to walk with the Lord and seek Him with all of our heart.  It is very easy to become distracted in this world and have our attention fixed on other things.  But as we fix our hearts upon Him we can know that He will lead and guide us to victory.  Every day we live upon this earth is one step closer to living with Him in His kingdom.


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