Blessed is the one

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it,because the time is near.  Revelation 1:3

As John writes these words the words of the prophecy he is referring to is the book of revelation.  Revelation is a prophecy John received about the coming days and the seven year tribulation that will follow the church age.  God gave this prophecy to John to be shared with the body of Christ and that it would be studied by God’s people.

There is a great blessing in studying and meditating upon the truth found in the book of Revelation.  When we understand where we stand in God’s prophetic calendar and we understand all that is coming we live and walk in the perfect peace of God.  The reason many believers struggle and especially live in fear because they don’t understand the book of Revelation.  Some truly believe that the body of Christ will go through the seven year tribulation and this is not true.  To believe that the body of Christ will go through the seven year tribulation is to live in fear and true believe the bride will experience the wrath of Almighty God.

But for us to truly understand Revelation we must seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation.  The reason many have misinterpreted the book of Revelation is because they have tried to understand it through man made wisdom.  If we are to truly understand Revelation we must seek the Holy Spirit in prayer and ask Him to lead and guide us as we read and study God’s word.

We should never embrace the teachings of anyone until we have measured it against God’s word.  I have read multiple interpretations on Revelation, but it wasn’t until I began to study it on my own through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit that I came to understand the truth.  John tells us that blessed are those who take it to heart.  We are not only to study Revelation, we are to take seriously what the Lord has laid out in His word.

There is coming a day when Jesus shall return for His bride and take His bride home.  After that the Lord shall pour out His judgement upon the earth and it will culminate at the end of the seven year tribulation with Jesus returning to the earth to establish His kingdom upon the earth and to judge the nations.

But time and again the Lord tells us that the time is near.  God tells us this because we are to live each day in a spirit of expectation.  We are to pursue the Lord will all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  We are to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.  We are to guard our hearts from sleeping and slumbering, but to live soberly each day we are upon the earth.

We can see the signs all around us and the return of the Lord is very soon.  But until that day we must be busy with the work of God’s kingdom.  There is much the Lord desires to do in this hour and we must seek Him diligently in the place of prayer.  Let us be found faithful and be the house of prayer He has called us to be.


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