Your will not fear the terror of night

You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.  Psalm 91:5-6

One of the great tools of the enemy to paralyze us is fear.  The enemy will try to overwhelm us with fear to become paralyzed and get our eyes off the Lord.  But one thing we learn as we grow in our relationship with Jesus is that the enemy we face is a defeated foe.  He has no power or authority against us.  The only thing that he does have is lies and deceptions, and he does all that he can to try to convince us that he is all powerful.

But as we abide in Christ we come to understand the enemy we face is nothing.  As we keep our eyes on Jesus we come to realize us that every scheme and device of the enemy is merely a deception.  As we abide in the Lord, He gives us eyes to see and we are able to discern the schemes of the enemy like a minefield before us.

Where many Christians struggle is they fail to abide.  They seek the blessing of God without seeking Him.  What they have turned Christianity into is another form of paganism.  The whole premise behind paganism and those who worshiped idols is that they would try to manipulate the so called gods they worshiped into getting what they wanted.  The sad truth is that there are many who call themselves Christians who are simply trying to manipulate God into giving them what they want.

True Christianity is built upon God being God and His will being sovereign.  One thing we learn as we mature in Christ is that we desire God’s will above all else.  The only way we continue to mature is by drawing near to the Lord and abiding in Him.  At the end of the day the Christian journey and how to navigate it is a simple one.  It simply depends upon us abiding in the Lord.  As we abide in Him He will lead and guide us one step at a time.  He will guard and protect our hearts from the schemes of the enemy.  As we abide in Him we will simply become a vessel of His glory.


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