A thousand may fall at your side

A thousand may fall at your side,
    ten thousand at your right hand,
    but it will not come near you.  Psalm 91:7

As God’s sons and daughters His favor and protection rests upon us.  This doesn’t mean that we will not face trials and tribulation in this life.  What it does mean is that no matter what we face the Lord will strengthen us and enable us to overcome.  The key is keeping our eyes focused upon Jesus Christ.

In Jesus we have the ultimate victory.  He purchased our victory at the cross and the enemy we face has no power or authority.  But the Lord does allow suffering in our lives because many times it is through the suffering we face and relying fully upon the Lord that our hearts and lives are refined.  It is amazing how when we are experiencing suffering that it sharpens our relationship with God if we decide to draw near.

The problem for some is that when they are experiencing suffering they become bitter toward the Lord and isolate themselves from Him.  But for those who choose to abide in the Lord are strengthened for all things and equipped for the suffering they will face.  We are called to be overcomers and as we simply trust the Lord and abide in Him, no matter what we face we shall over come.

So no matter what we see happening around us and no matter the circumstances we face we shall overcome.  WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  When we simply meditate upon that truth that we are the extension of the hands and feet of Jesus we see that nothing can stop us nor stand before us.  Let us fix our hearts upon Jesus alone and prepare our hearts for His return.

Father today I come before you and ask you to fill me with your strength and your wisdom.  Lead and guide me each and every step.  Keep my eyes focused upon your alone and keep my heart focused upon the truth of your word.  In the name of Jesus, Amen!


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