Surely He will save you

Surely he will save you
    from the fowler’s snare
    and from the deadly pestilence.  Psalm 91:3

Jesus has saved us from the curse of sin and death.  When we place our faith and trust in Him our sins are forgiven and washed away.  But in this life we will face trial and tribulation.  There are those who are daily dying for their testimony of Jesus Christ and we must intercede for them diligently.

If we have the honor of laying down our lives for the Lord this side of Heaven He will strengthen us for whatever we will face.  If your eyes are open to see you can see and discern that persecution against Christianity continues to grow daily.  The spirit of the anti-Christ is at work in the hearts of many who have hardened their hearts to the Lord and daily their hatred of Jesus Christ and those who follow Him continues to grow.

But we must remember that we are simply saved by the grace and mercy of God.  We have not earned salvation and our battle is not against flesh and blood.  Our enemy is not those who physically stand against us.  We are called to pray for those who persecute us.  But our enemy is Satan alone and the demonic spirits that give him allegiance.

The way we wage war is in the spiritual realm and it is through the place of prayer.  We need to understand the authority we have through Jesus Christ.  We are able to go boldly to the throne of grace with confidence and pour our hearts out before the Lord.  As we grow in our relationship with God our hearts and minds become one with Him.  As this happens our prayers align with His will and His purposes.

As this takes place we become a vessel of His glory through which He can accomplish His plans and purposes upon the earth.  Whenever the Lord desires to do anything on the earth, He searches the earth for those who are willing.  When He finds those who are willing and hungry He uses them to accomplish His plans and purposes.  No matter what we face we can know in our hearts that He alone holds our lives and our eternity in His hands.

Father today I simply ask that you give me eyes to see and ears to hear.  I pray that your will be done in my heart and my life.  Father my life is yours and I pray that you would use it for your glory.  In the name of Jesus Amen!


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