Wait for the Lord

14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

Waiting for the Lord can be a difficult thing sometime.  God’s ways and His timing are much different than our own.  We view things based on the here and now.  God stands outside of time and sees the beginning from the end.  His plans are well designed and they are interwoven throughout the plain of history.  Things that take place in our lives are not just for us, but it will have an impact on the greater body of Christ.

When waiting upon the Lord it is essential that we draw near and abide in Him.  As we abide in the Lord on a daily basis through His word and through prayer our minds will be fixed upon Jesus Christ.  Even when it seems the enemy is trying to overwhelm us, we will walk in the perfect peace of God.  Where many struggle is they fail to abide in Him and in doing this they try to operate in their own strength.  This will lead to failure and defeat every time.

The key to a victorious life in Jesus is to abide in Him daily.  We are called not to worry about tomorrow, but simply bring all things before Him in prayer today.  He will always provide what we need for the day that we face.  We never need to worry because once we place our hope and trust in Jesus Christ it is the Lord’s hand and anointing on our lives.  The battle belongs unto Him and He is simply asking us to trust and wait upon Him.  Let us  not fix our eyes on the challenges or trials we face.  But let us fix our eyes simply upon Jesus.


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