Teach me your statutes

The earth, O Lord, is full of Your mercy; Teach me Your statutes.

Psalm 119:64 NKJV

We are currently living during a time when the grace and mercy of God is being poured out.  There is coming a day when the bride of Christ shall be taken home to be with the Lord and the judgement of the Lord shall begin upon the earth.  God has given us His word as a gift and we are called to study His word on a daily basis.

The way we prepare for the Lord’s return for His bride is to abide in Him daily through prayer and the study of His word.  As we develop a deep intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our hearts and minds are conformed to His.  As we come to understand His word in a deeper way we continue to walk in greater and deeper levels of freedom.

All of us are enslaved to sin when we come to Christ.  When we come to Jesus our sins are forgiven and the curse of sin and death are broken.  But for us to be able to break the chains and bondages of the lies of the enemy we must become a student of God’s word.  As we study God’s word the Holy Spirit supernaturally moves in our heats transforming us from the inside out.


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