No temptation has overtaken you

13 No temptation [regardless of its source] has overtaken or enticed you that is not common to human experience [nor is any temptation unusual or beyond human resistance]; but God is faithful [to His word—He is compassionate and trustworthy], and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability [to resist], but along with the temptation He [has in the past and is now and] will [always] provide the way out as well, so that you will be able to endure it [without yielding, and will overcome temptation with joy]. 1 Corinthians 10:13.

There are times when it seems the enemy tries to overwhelm us with temptation.  This usually happens early on in our walk with Christ when we are still at a point of immaturity.  Early on in our walk with the Lord it can seem like the enemy is a foe that we just can’t overcome.  It seems at every turn he places temptation in our path and as a result of being immature we try to overcome this in our own strength and as a result we fail miserably.

But the key to overcoming temptation is standing in the strength of the Lord.  His strength is perfected in our weakness and He enables us to walk in victory.  He will always provide us a way out of temptation, but what often happens when we are tempted is that we get tunnel vision and our eyes are taken off the Lord and placed on what we desire.

An example of the Lord giving us a way out is someone who is struggling with the temptation of pornography.  Now many times the enemy will come and place thoughts in our minds about how appealing it is.  But when the temptation comes we at any point can turn to the Lord and walk away from the area where we are being tempted.  But if we stay where we are and begin to fixate on the things we are being tempted by it will overcome us.

An example of this is seen in the bible when David was standing upon the roof and saw Bathsheba sunbathing.  Now David could have walked back inside the house and not taken a second look at Bathsheba.  But David became captured by this woman’s beauty and he began to lust for her and became fixated on her.  As this took place the deceitfulness of sin set in and David succumbed to temptation and worse yet he thought he was able to hide the sin.

The key to all victory is keeping our eyes fixated on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith.  When our minds and hearts are set upon Jesus we will walk in victory because our hearts will be set on things above.  The Lord will always give us a way out and when we come to Christ we are set free.  But to walk in the freedom we have requires us to abide in the Lord on a daily basis.  A failure to be disciplined in our relationship with Jesus Christ will result in defeat in our lives.  Today if you are struggling with temptation know that you are not the first to struggle with it, but also understand that you no longer have to be a slave to it.  Jesus is our Lord and Savior.  He is our redeemer and protector.  If we are to navigate this journey we call life in victory then we need to keep our hearts and minds fixated on Jesus.


Author: David Campbell Jr

I love Jesus with my whole heart and simply write as the Holy Spirit leads. I live in upstate NY with my wife and two bulldogs Romo and Luca. We truly serve and awesome God. For speaking engagement you can reach me at Please feel free to connect on Facebook

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