Commit your works to the Lord

Commit your works to the Lord,
And your thoughts will be established.  Proverbs 16:3

To commit our works to the Lord simply means to place all that we do in His hands.  When we seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness He will honor us and establish us.  His hand and His protection will be upon our lives and we have nothing to fear.  To seek Him means to make Him the priority of our lives.  When He is the priority everything we do and every decision we make will be in the light of His kingdom and His glory.

There are so many who desire the blessings of the Lord but they fail to walk in obedience or seek the Lord with their whole heart.  They seek the hand of God but they fail to seek His heart.  Jesus is looking for those who hunger for Him and not just His hand.  To simply desire the blessing of the Lord but fail to walk in obedience to His leading is to simply follow Jesus for selfish reasons.

The moment in our lives when we begin to seek Jesus with our whole heart doesn’t mean our lives will get easier.  Often times the deeper we go with the Lord the more difficult things become.  But it is through every trial and challenge that the character of Christ is refined within us.  Let us seek Him with our whole heart and commit our entire lives unto Him.  He will establish us in all things.


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