Sent not from men nor by man

Paul, an apostle—sent not from men nor by a man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from the dead.  Galatians 1:1

The apostle Paul understood that he was chosen by the Lord to carry the gospel throughout the world.  It was not Paul who chose the Lord first, but it was the Lord who chose Paul first.  The anointings and callings that God has placed on our lives have not been chosen by us, they have been chosen for us.  We have been designed in a specific way because of the plan and purpose God has created us for.

Those who live according to the world’s standards and ways believe that things happen by accident or chance.  This simply is not true and does not align with God’s word or His plan.  Everything that happens on earth has a specific purpose behind it.  Even the tragedies that take place on the earth that God allows has an eternal purpose behind them.  Many times we cannot understand them in the midst of a tragedy, but one day when we get to God’s kingdom we will fully understand all things.

Each day let us seek the Lord with our whole heart.  Let us always remember that we are not an accident nor insignificant.  If we have placed our faith and trust in Jesus Christ it is simply by God’s grace.  God has chosen us and as we get to know the one who created us intimately we will come to understand the calling and anointing on our lives.


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