But the natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God

But the natural [unbelieving] man does not accept the things [the teachings and revelations] of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness [absurd and illogical] to him; and he is incapable of understanding them, because they are spiritually discerned and appreciated, [and he is unqualified to judge spiritual matters].

1 Corinthians 2:14 AMP

The only way we are truly able to understand God’s word and His ways is through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Those who are of the world who have rejected the truth of who Jesus Christ is are blinded to the truth of God’s word and His ways.  The Lord is constantly reaching out to every heart and life but there are those who simply choose to reject His love and His grace because they are unwilling to bow their knee and pursue His will.

It is pointless to argue with those who are lost in the ways of the world.  We as God’s children are simply called to plant seeds and allow God’s love to touch those around us.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit that convicts the human heart and draws it to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We are simply called to be vessels of God’s kingdom in this day and this hour.  May we simply seek Him with our whole heart and abandon our lives to His will and His kingdom.  The only thing that truly matters on this earth is seeking after the Lord and His ways.  Everything else is simply meaningless and is simply chasing after the sun.


Author: David Campbell Jr

I love Jesus with my whole heart and simply write as the Holy Spirit leads. I live in upstate NY with my wife and two bulldogs Romo and Luca. We truly serve and awesome God. For speaking engagement you can reach me at davecamp7@hotmail.com. Please feel free to connect on Facebook

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