For He has given you the early rain in vindication

So rejoice, O children of Zion, And delight in the Lord, your God; For He has given you the early [autumn] rain in vindication And He has poured down the rain for you, The early [autumn] rain and the late [spring] rain, as before.

Joel 2:23 AMP

The Lord will provide for our every need.  We will never be lacking as we seek the Lord on a daily basis.  He will give us wisdom and strength for all things.  During the times of the old testament the Israelites relied upon the Lord for rain and to meet their every need.  The Lord promised them that they would be blessed if they walked in obedience and that they would be cursed if they walk in disobedience.

They were in covenant with the Lord and it was based upon the law.  We today are in covenant with the Lord and it is based upon the blood of Jesus Christ.  We are no longer living under the demands of the law, but this does not nullify our need to walk in obedience.  We are called to walk in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

The Lord will richly bless our lives as we walk in obedience with Him each and every day.  We are called to be vessels for His glory and to reflect His holiness and His love.  There is no greater testimony to the love and grace of God than a life that is transformed by His power.  People can try to argue against God’s word but they cannot argue with a living example transformed by His power.


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